Brooke McQueen

Brooke Mcqueen (Leslie Bibb) is the popular girl in school, she tries to avoid the unpopular Sam Mcpherson, Mcqueen's dad went on a cruise where he met Mcpherson's Mother and proposed to her.

Brooke and Sam were shocked when they found out the big news between their parent... But as Brooke and Sam got to know each other they started to develop some strong relationship.

In the whole 2 seasons, Brooke started to have feelings with Harrison (Brooke used to be friends with Harrison until she got popular) so they had a relationship but Brooke broke up with him because she thought that she didn't deserve him.

When Brooke started to be popular she started to go out with Josh Ford (the Jock) but later Brooke didn't feel like it was going the right way so she dumped him, at the last episode of season 2 Brooke gets ran over by a drunk Nicole (Brooke's best friend until the last episode because she slapped nicole for trying to flirt with Sam's ex)


In the FanFiction episode, Can't You See, Brooke survives the hit-and-run accident.